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Candy Buffet Options


We offer many baked goods to accompany the theme of your candy buffet. In many cases, we can color coordinate icing, ribbons, packaging to match the exact color you need.  


Options, minimum count and cost are detailed below. We have hundreds of personal recipes, if you don't see what you're looking for, odds are we can make it.

Cupcakes (minimum order: 24)
Price: starting at $4.00 each, custom designs available


Baked fresh for all occasions using our family recipes, each delicious cupcake is decorated by hand and topped with frosting of your choice.  We can color coordinate the color of frosting based on a picture or swatch.  Choose any flavor combination from our menu or ask us for a recommendation!



  • Color coordinated laser cut wrappers in lace or other accent designs (based on availability) $.050 each

  • Additional fondant or gumpaste cupcake toppers, coordinated for your event (cost based on design)

Cake Pops (minimum order: 24)
Price: Plain $3.50, decorated $4.00+


Cake pops (choice of flavor and color). Can be decorated to match color and theme of your event.


Custom cake pop stands can be made to match color and theme of event at an additional cost. Holds up to 50 cake pops ($50)

Decorated Cookies (minimum order: 24)

Price: most designs $4.00



A wonderfully rich butter cookie with a unique combination of flavors (almond, vanilla and lemon) that enhance the taste of our Royal Icing.  Truly unlimited in terms of design and colors. We will usually suggest some designs unless you already have something in mind.


Clear packaging and ribbons provided.

Mini Cannoli (minimum order: 24)

Price: $48.00, each additional dozen $22.00



Mini cannolis filled with creamy sweet ricotta and a hint of cinnamon. Mini chocolate chips can be added to the filling. Option of chocolate dipped shells.

Full size Cannoli (minimum order: 12)

Price: $38.00, each additional dozen $36.00



Same as their mini cousins, these are filled with a creamy sweet ricotta and a hint of cinnamon. Mini chocolate chips can be added to the filling. Option of chocolate dipped shells.

Coconut Macaroons (minimum order: 24)

Price: $45.00, each additional dozen $21.00


A favorite at any party, these coconut macaroons are crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. The coconut is lightly toasted and not overly sweet, simply perfect. These can be dipped in chocolate for a delicious combination.

Chocolate Covered Oreos (minimum order: 12)

Price: $28.00, each additional dozen $26.00


These chocolate covered Oreos are hand dipped and decorated to match the theme and colors of your event. Custom designs are also available in a wide assortment of molds. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (minimum order: 24)

Price (seasonal): Mar-Oct $2.00, each, other times $2.50


Hand dipped chocolate organic strawberries in a variety of toppings to match the theme and color of your event.

Baklava (9x13" tray, about 32 pieces)

Price: $45.00


Baklava, a pastry originally perfected by royal bakers in Istanbul, is made from layers of phyllo dough filled with nuts and spices and drenched in a traditional lemon-honey reduction. You won't be able to eat just one, promise.

Marshmallows on a stick (minimum order: 24)

Price: $48.00


Decorated marshmallows on a stick wrapped in diamond wrap, matching your colors/theme.

Candy Apples on a stick (minimum order: 12)

Price: $75.00


Granny Smith apples dipped a delicious home-made candy shell. We can customize the color to match your event decor.  Each candy comes wrapped in a clear bag.


Add a any flavor to the candy - pick from one of dozens of emulsions that we use to surprise your guests with a hidden flavor within the candy shell, the possibilities are endless. Some of the most popular options: banana, strawberry, raspberry.



  • (pictured in aqua and blue) Add Luster colors which sparkle and shine in almost any color combination ($8 additional per dozen)

  • Diamond-wrap sticks. We can decorate the apple sticks in a variety of diamond-wrap colors ($1.00 additional)

Caramelized Almond Chocolate Bark (minimum order: 1lb)

Price: $25.00


What do you get when you take delicious caramelized almonds, drape them in luscious Callebaut chocolate and top them with a little sea salt?  One of the best chocolate barks you can serve to your guests. Everyone will surely be tempted to take more than one piece in order to satisfy their sweet tooth!


Almonds can be replaced with other nuts such as walnuts, pistachios or pecans.

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