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Our Cake and Filling Flavor Menu


Sweet Tiers Cakery prides itself on creating everything from scratch using only the freshest ingredients:

premium Callebaut chocolates, exotic spices, fresh fruits and berries, organic nuts and sweet butter.

Our homemade marshmallow fondants are made and rolled out the old-fashioned way, by hand.

Cake Flavors


The staple flavor of many of our wedding cakes. A rich, dense vanilla cake which melts in your mouth. 


White Almond

Moist, tender and fragrant. Closely related to its Vanilla cake cousin, but with hints of almond, vanilla and lemon.


Death by Chocolate

Dark, rich, spectacular. Possibly the best chocolate cake you've ever had. 


Red Velvet

A return to the Southern version of this American classic with hints of vanilla and cocoa. Pairs best with a cream cheese filling.


Carrot Cake

A classic version of this American

favorite. Carrots, pineapples, walnuts and just the right mix of spices combine into a mouthwatering treat. Pairs well with cream cheese frostings.



A wonderfully moist rendition of the most requested recipe in Southern Living.

Ripe bananas, desiccated coconut, 

sweet pineapples and exotic spices make this a winner.


Lemon Poppy

When life serves you lemons, make cake! Moist, not overly sweet, made from pure lemons. Also available without poppy seeds. Pairs well with Lemon Curd filling.


White Almond Sour Cream

A delicious almond flavored cake that is light, moist and pairs well with peaches, plums, apricots or whatever fruits are in season at the time. Toasted sliced almonds introduce a crunchy surprise in the center of this cake. Also available with poppy seeds.


Lemon Blueberry

Wild fresh blueberries and sun-shine sweet lemons combine in a mouthwatering combination that's moist and delicious. Swirls of blue and purple make for a visually impressive cake when sliced. A wonderful flavor contrast when paired with with a tangy cream cheese filling.


Pink Champagne

Los Angeles made it famous,

New York makes it delicious!

Elegant, light and not overly sweet, with undertones of sweet Champagne.

This cake pairs best with a Bavarian

Cream or Italian Pastry Cream filling

and a coconut Swiss meringue icing.


Swiss-Meringue Buttercream

Light, fluffy, and not overly sweet. Copious amounts of butter whipped into a sugary meringue delight.  One of our most popular fillings and icings! 

Pick from one of the following flavors:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha, Hazelnut, Strawberry, Mango, Pear, Orange, Tutti Frutti or seasonal

fresh fruits


Classic Cannoli

Smooth and creamy. An Italian classic containing fresh Cinnamon-infused Ricotta, with or without chocolate chips. Delizioso.


Toasted Coconut and Pineapple

Lightly toasted coconut flakes and chunks of pineapple come together in a light Swiss Meringue that borders on a Pina Colada flavor. Pairs well with vanilla and white cakes.


Chocolate Ganache

A sublime combination of chocolate and cream combined into a silky smooth chocolate filling. Available plain, with roasted pecans or with Stohli Raspberry imbued fresh raspberries.


Strawberry Mousse

The smell of fresh strawberries

permeates the air as soon as you cut into your cake. Ripe strawberries whipped

into a light mousse with undertones of vanilla and lemon. 


Classic Cream Cheese

Tangy, not overly sweet, with a delicate balance of cream cheese and vanilla flavors. Also available in a chocolate version.


Italian Pastry Cream

A traditional Italian dessert filling. Rich, creamy and smooth. Available in either vanilla or chocolate.


Lemon Curd

Thick, soft and velvety with a

slightly tart but sweet citrus flavor. It's what every lemon aspires to be!


Marshmallow Toasted Coconut

A creamy, fluffy marshmallow filling with undertones of vanilla and lightly toasted coconut flakes. Pairs extremely well with chocolate cakes.


American Buttercream

The sweetest of all buttercreams.  This is a classic recipe that is a popular choice for children's cakes and cupcakes.


All of our cakes use a specialty Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing.

This homemade time-honored recipe is fluffy, divine, and made-to-order daily.

These icings can also be used as fillings. Choose from the following flavors:





Chocolate Orange









Rum Raisin



White Chocolate


Longing for a flavor combination not listed?  If you can think it, we can do it. Ask away!

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