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Our Cake Prices for Custom Cakes


Our sugar work is entirely custom. There are so many components to pricing that it's difficult to provide clear guidance on cost until we see your design and understand your vision.


We factor in many things with the most important being labor, cost of materials, custom sugar work such as gumpaste flowers and cake toppers, and finally complexity of design. 


We've broken down pricing categories into 4 distinct sections in order to help you get a ballpark cost for a truly custom cake.  Our cakes are not mass produced, we don't use cheap ingredients like a bakery or big box store and it takes days to create a cake masterpiece, not hours. They're truly a labor of love and this quality shines through in the final product. Our cakes will not disappoint in any setting, both in flavor and visual appeal.


Our minimum prices are displayed in each section below. Custom enhancements to any design will affect the final price. 



Simple Stacked Cakes

Our simple stacked cakes start $7/serving for simple decorations, such as marshmallow fondant covered with a satin ribbon accent, light design work on the fondant and other simpler decorations. Many details can be included at additional cost. 


The minimum order for single-tier or simple stacked cakes is $350 and provides a minimum of 50 servings.


Please inquire for more info.

Medium Complexity Cakes

Our medium complexity cakes start at $8 per serving and cover a wide-array of popular techniques such as diamond or quatrefoil tufting, scrollwork, smaller gumpaste creations, stenciling, small sugar flower bouquets, lace and appliqués, and light hand painting.


These cakes are perfect for any event such as anniversaries, baby showers, communions, baptisms, birthday cakes and more. Some additional details may cost extra.  


The minimum order for medium complexity cakes is $500 and provides a minimum of 60 servings.


Please inquire for more info.



Complex Cakes

These custom cakes can often involve 20-30 hours of sugar work which includes unique gumpaste creations, sugar flower arrangements and cascades, elaborate piping, chandelier tiers, sculpting and more. Many of the cake toppers are designed to take home as keepsakes to display.


These cakes start at $12/serving and are suitable for weddings, birthdays and almost any other special occasion. Some additional details may cost extra.


The minimum order for complex cakes is $600 and provides a minimum of 50 servings.


Please inquire for more information.


Tiered Wedding Cakes

Our basic wedding cakes start at $7 per serving. Design elements, flowers, custom sugar work are all priced individually and can often average between $9-$15 a serving when finalized as they may fall into the 'complex cake' category above. We will always work within your budget to make your vision a reality and provide you with the best possible wedding cake for your special day. 


The minimum order for a basic wedding cake is $450, which will cover up to 60 guests.


All of our sugar flowers are hand-made and often airbrush and gilded in various colors to match the theme of your event. 


Please inquire for more information.

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