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Information on candy buffets.


If you're looking for something that's really extra-special for your event then you might be interested in a candy buffet. Candy buffets have become very popular in recent years as they can match the colors, style and theme with some of your favorite candy selections. Guests can enjoy candy before and during your event - it's an all around crowd pleaser for both children and adults.


We source our candy and chocolate from many specialty manufacturers so you can remain confident that you're receiving quality candy with unique colors and flavors. All of our baked goods (i.e. cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, etc) are baked in-house using tried and true family recipes. We pride ourselves on honest ingredients and small batches in order to maintain our quality standard.


We provide the following basic services with any of our candy buffet options: 


  • Assist in selecting candy (number of varieties are outlined below)

  • Set-up and delivery

  • Tear-down after your event

  • Beautifully decorated containers and/or lids

  • Serving utensils, tablecloths, backdrops, centerpieces and accessories to match theme and event of the party

  • Plain glassine treat bags (we also offer custom treat bags upon request)

  • Custom candy container labels 

  • Personalized signage

  • Coordination with your event planner so you have nothing to worry about



Prices vary as candy buffets are customized to the specific event, the type of candy selected, location and design/theme. In general, a fully themed candy buffet will start at $13 per person.   Contact us for specific pricing of your event.


Our minimum number of servings is 50 guests. We are able to service a smaller parties, but a surcharge will typically apply.


  • For a guest list consisting of 50-100 people, you will have 4-5 different types of candy. 

  • For a guest list consisting of 101-200 people, you will have 6-7 different types of candy. 

  • For a guest list consisting of 201-300 people, you will have 8-9 different types of candy. 

  • Finally, for a guest list consisting of 301+ people, you will have 10-11 different types of candy. 


In general, each buffet will include a minimum of six glass containers. Note that some candy may be duplicated to achieve the desired visual effect.

Extra Services


We offer a variety of additional options which are available as an upgrade to our basic offerings, for an additional fee.


  • Personalized bag/box labels or tags

  • Mini Chinese-style take-out boxes

  • Organza treat bags  (available in many colors)

  • Personalized tags for organza bags or boxes

  • Additional chocolate candy selections

  • Cupcakes (with lace wrappers), Cake Pops, cookies, specialty candy, and flavored popcorn - see a list of what we offer here!

  • Cotton candy cones


Don't see something on the list? We can accommodate just about any request, just ask!




We are located in Staten Island, NY. Our standard service area includes the NY Metro region and New Jersey. We welcome events outside this area, but a travel surcharge charge of $.50 per mile beyond our standard area will be charged in addition to your buffet cost.

Why hire a professional?


Most folks that tackle candy buffets underestimate the amount of work involved in the process. If you decide to do it on your own, then here's what you'll have to think about:


  • Pick out what type of candy you need and also purchase the right amount.  Take into account that different age group like different types of candy as well and plan accordingly.

  • Buy glass containers, bags/boxes and scoops for your guests to put candy in.

  • Plan the layout of your candy buffet table so it follows form and function.

  • Purchase table decorations (tablecloths, runners, lights, flowers, signage, backdrops, etc) so everything matches the theme of the party.

  • Purchase packaging materials so that all of your decorations and candy arrive in perfect condition. 

  • Wash and wrap all of your candy containers.

  • Arrange for transportation of your candy and buffet accessories to your party (in one piece!)

  • Setup your buffet table prior to your guests arriving, making sure that you've coordinated with the event planner so the right size table is available, setup and appropriately placed within the venue.

  • Break down your display once the party is done, bring it back home, wash and store. 


This is certainly more work than most people have time for when they're planning all other aspects of their party. Leave it to us, the professionals, to take care of all of the details for you so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.


Check out some of our latest candy table photos below!



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